Our Clients

Aantilia Proudly serves all branches of the Department of Defense as well as many other government agencies. This list of clients is not comprehensive, but it provides a glimpse into the diverse range of esteemed organizations we have had the privilege of serving; their trust and continued partnership have been instrumental in our growth and success. These prestigious partnerships showcase the caliber of clients we attract and the exceptional projects we undertake. Our commitment to delivering excellence remains unwavering as we forge ahead with new and exciting ventures.

Please scroll down to see some of the top contracts and collaborations we have secured but please note that this is not an exhaustive compilation.

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Please note that this is not an exhaustive compilation

United States Army

United States Army

  • Contract# W9098S21P0085 for $871,081.31 to supply & Install Wash Booth (MFR: Riveer Engineered Wash Water Systems) in June 2021.
  • Contract# W52P1J22C3011 for $768,000.00 to supply Venturi Wet Scrubber System (MFR: SLY LLC.) in July 2022.
  • Contract# W9098S22P0087 for $736,100.00 to supply and install of Waterjet Cutting System Equipment (MFR: Waterjet) in June 2022.
  • Contract# W911KF21C0016 for $406,930.00 to supply and install of Milling Machines (MFR: Hardinge) in September 2021.
  • Contract# W50S8F22P0005 for $241,308.00 to supply and install of 400Hz 50Kw Frequency Converters (MFR: Dabico Airport Solutions) in September 2022.
  • Contract# N4215820PS137 for $1,416,000.00 to supply and install of Welding Booths (MFR: Praxair) in September 2020.
  • Contract# N0042120C0011 for $824,256.00 to supply Portable Controller (MFR: BSI) in January 2020.
  • Contract# N0017822PC606 for $291,465.10 to supply Low Noise Amplifiers (MFR: Orbital Systems LLC.) in January 2022.
  • Contract# N6426720P0061 for $260,648.63 to supply Navigational Timing Equipment (MFR: Orolia) in October 2020.
  • Contract# N6426722P0052 for $216,702.40 to supply Satellite Modems (MFR: Comtech) in March 2022.
United States Navy
United States Air Force

United States Air Force

  • Contract# FA520522P0015 for $196,044.00 to supply Snow Removal Vehicle Bristle (MFR: United Rotary Brush Corporation) in February 2022.
  • Contract# FA500422P0045 for $188,957.40 to supply Snow Scraper Underbellies (MFR: M-B Companies) in September 2022.
  • Contract# FA252122P0045 for $171,703.98 to supply Transformers (MFR: Eaton Power Systems) in August 2022.
  • Contract# FA813620P0034 for $168,540.00 to supply Racktangle (MFR: United Electronic Industries) in September 2020.
  • Contract# FA813222P0014 for $165,146.19 to supply Rack Mounted System (MFR: MTI Instruments Inc.) in February 2022.

United States Marine Corps

  • Contract# M6740021P0050 for $188,772.20 to supply Command Center (MFG: B.O.H FPU Systems) in May 2021.
  • Contract# W9123720P0096 for $29,761.7 to supply Track Torch & Welding System (MFG: Steelmax Tools LLC.) in July 2020.
  • Contract# M0026420P0236 for $28,340.00 to supply Vertical Clay Treater Vessel (MFG: Precision Filtration Products) in October 2020.
  • Contract# M0026421P0128 for $20,756.32 to supply Walter Nirschl Tuba (MFG: B&M Symphonic) in July 2021.
  • Contract# M6700122P1109 for $19,049.21 to supply Fusion Splicer Kit (MFG: AFL) in September 2022.
United States Marine Corps
United States Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard

  • Contract# 70Z08521P30081B00 for $162,084.00 to supply Industrial Cooler Fluid (MFR: C.S.Controls,Inc.) in June 2021.
  • Contract# 70Z08521P30026B00 for $143,508.40 to supply Air Compressors (MFR: Sauer Compressors USA) in March 2021.
  • Contract# 70Z03823PN0000091 for $136,014.00 to supply Compressor Tire (MFR: Goodyear) in December 2022.
  • Contract# 70Z08522PLREP0032 for $135,677.88 to supply 3 Way Marine Valve (MFR: Metrex Valve Corp) in February 2022.
  • Contract# 70Z08021P20247B00 for $101,313.42 to supply Service Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect (MFR: Herbert Aircraft) in March 2021.


  • Contract# 80AFRC21CA0017 for $265,040.17 to supply 7,000 Gallon Aviation Fuel Tender/Refueler Truck (MFR: Garsite) in August 2021.
  • Contract# 80NSSC20P1044 for $98,782.71 to supply Connector Savers (MFR: Glenair) in April 2020.
  • Contract# 80NSSC20P1378 for $69,639.50 to supply Digital Camera (MFR: Ametek) in June 2020.
  • Contract# 80NSSC20P2343 for $64,331.75 to supply Pin Connection-Adapters (MFR: Arrow) in September 2020.
  • Contract# 80NSSC21P2858 for $55,889.30 to supply Hydraulic Grips (MFR: MTS) in September 2021.
Dept of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security

  • Contract# 70B03C21P00000541 for $50,966.48 to supply Remotely Operated Pipe Crawler (MFG: Deep Trekker Inc.) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 70FBR720P00000032 for $40,370.52 to supply ARM Assembly (MFG: International Satellite Services) in August 2020.
  • Contract# 70B01C23P00000713 for $25,488.12 to supply foot Stock Trailer (MFR: Titan Trailers) in September 2023.
  • Contract# 70LGLY23PGLB00306 for $16,358.46 to supply Gazebo (MFR: Amish Country Gazebos) in September 2023.

Army Corp of Engineers

  • Contract# W912EF20P0009 for $150,011.23 to supply Air Winch (MFG: Ramwinch) in April 2020.
  • Contract# W912EQ20P0021 for $83,134.00 to supply Fuel Oil Purifier (MFG: Dolphin Marine) in March 2020.
  • Contract# W912EF21P0027 for $81,619.82 to supply Heat Exchanger Plate Stacks (MFG: Paul Mueller Company) in May 2021.
  • Contract# W912EF20P0032 for $64,735.65 to supply Clamshell Bucket (MFG: Mack Manufacturing Inc.) in June 2020.
  • Contract# H9225720P0107 for $48,171.60 to supply Security Cage Parts (Advance Safety Equipment Co.) in September 2020.
Army Corp of Engineers
National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Contract# 1333ND21PNB670558 for $248,724.00 to supply Motorola 5G Sa Core and GNB UE Emulator (MFG: Polaris Networks) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 1333ND21PNB680196 for $45,498 to supply Waveform Generator (MFG: National Instruments) in April 2021.
  • Contract# 1333ND21PNB670694 for $28,125.76 to supply Vacuum Leak Detector (MFG: Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 1333ND22PNB730110 for $27,074.92 to supply Apera Vue Bin-Picking System (MFG: Apera Ai Inc) in March 2022.

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Contract# 36C26122P1754 for $388,699.62 to supply & install VisuaStim Digital System (MFG: Resonance Technology, Inc.) in September 2022.
  • Contract# 36C24923P0518 for $105,751.43 to supply Variable Frequency Drives (MFG: Yaskawa America, Inc.) in May 2023.
  • Contract# 36C24720P0692 for $81,891.88 to supply Automated Handheld Autorefractors (MFG: Plenoptika) in May 2020.
  • Contract# 36C26023P0257 for $78,344.62 to supply Portable Gas Analyzer (MFG: Gasmet Technologies Inc.) in April 2023.
  • Contract# 36C25921P0910 for $77,292.79 to supply Breathing Air Systems (MFG: Bauer Compressors, Inc.) in August 2021.
Dept of Veterans Affairs

Department of Agriculture

  • Contract# 12474020P0029 for $186,150.00 to supply Vacuum Systems (MFG: Central Vacuum Stores) in August 2020.
  • Contract# 12805B22P0264 for $139,012.07 to supply FTIR Probe (MFG: Mettler Toledo) in September 2022.
  • Contract# 12505B22P0077 for $112,321.59 to supply Chemisorption/Physisorption/Gas Sorption Analyzer (MFG: Anton Paar) in March 2022.
  • Contract# 12505B21P0176 for $107,629.60 to supply Mass Spectrometer (MFG: East JHX, Inc.) in August 2021.
  • Contract# 12805B23P0131 for $105,685.00 to supply Tracking Collars (MFG: Lotek Wireless Inc.) in March 2023.

Department of Commerce

  • Contract# 1305M221PNWWG0037 for $62,291.00 to supply Uninterruptible Power Supply (MFG: Eaton) in January 2021.
  • Contract# 1305M321PNRNJ0507 for $53,414.31 to supply Controller (MFG: National Instruments) in August 2021.
  • Contract# 1333MF23PNFFR0028 for $33,416.72 to supply Electric Actuators (MFG: Hayward) in February 2023.
  • Contract# 1305M321PNFFR0287 for $25,604.68 to supply Backwash Pump & Storage Tank (MFG: DXPE) in July 2021.
  • Contract# 1333Mk23PNMAN0089 for $21,234.18 to supply Navigation Lights (MFG: Perko) in February 2023.
Dept of Commerce
Dept of Interior

Department of Interior

  • Contract# 140R1721P0014 for $260,093.60 to supply Portable DGA with Moisture Analyzer (MFG: Doble Engineering Company) in January 2020.
  • Contract# 140R4022P0078 for $192,247.66 to supply and Install 7.5 KVA Single Phase UPS System (MFG: Ametek) in August 2022.
  • Contract# 140R2022P0071 for $83,563.09 to supply Air Compressors (MFG: Sauer Compressor) in June 2022.
  • Contract# 140A0622P0001 for $128,416.11 to supply Compact Track Loader (MFG: Caterpillar) in February 2022.
  • Contract# 140P8122P0055 for $95,549.59 to supply and Install Road Line Striper (MFR: Graco) in July 2022.

Department of Energy

  • Contract# 89503121PWA000471 for $329,079.98 to supply Bullwheel Tensioner (MFR: Sherman & Reilly) in July 2021.
  • Contract# 89503321PWA000173 for $115,463.54 to supply Substation Ratings Upgrades Hardware (MFR: DMC Power) in August 2021.
  • Contract# 680443 for $70,400.00 to supply Continuous Optical Cable (MFR: Corning) in August 2021.
  • Contract# 693922 for $64,930.20 to supply Programmable Logic Controller (MFR: Siemens) in October 2022.
  • Contract# 89503222PWA000337 for $58,133.25 to supply Sidney Capacitors (MFR: Cooper Power System) in January 2022.
Dept of Energy
Dept of Justice

Department of Justice

  • Contract# 5F06721P0003163 for $478,006.00 to supply Module adapter equipment and parts (MFR: Gates Air) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 15F06721P0004141 for $152,028.33 to supply Fume Hood and Accessories (MFR: Hemco Corporation) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 15A00022PAQA00152 for $177,370.29 to supply and install of Breathing Air Systems (MFR: Atlas Copco Compressors LLC) in April 2022.
  • Contract# 15DDHQ21P00001044 for $109,872.98 to supply Surveillance Equipment (MFR: Night Vision Devices) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 15B41723P00000132 for $105,538.28 to supply Steam Heated Dryers (MFR: Unimac) in May 2023.

Department of State

  • Contract# 19GE5021P0145 for $239,062.06 to supply SUV for US Embassy Nairobi (MFR: Nissan) in June 2021.
  • Contract# 19GE5021P0332 for $84,776.47 to supply SUV to U.S. Embassy Athens (MFR: BMW) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 19GE5021P0300 for $60,805.49 to supply SUV to US Embassy, Poland (MFR: Nissan) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 19GE5021P0283 for $28,971.71 to supply SUV for US Embassy Kenya (MFR: Nissan) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 191BWC20P0118 for $27,592.78 to supply LX Analyzer for International Boundary and Water Commission (MFR: Modern Water-Microtox) in September 2020.
Dept of Transportation

Department of Transportation

  • Contract# 6973GH-21-P-02003 for $219,680.60 to supply Pedestal Main Bearing (MFR: Kaydon Corporation) in March 2021.
  • Contract# 6923G222P000074 for $58,711.20 to supply HVAC Parts (MFR: The Whalen Co,.) in April 2022.
  • Contract# 69056721P000023 for $58,422.63 to supply Shapearray (Tm) and associated components (MFR: Measurand Inc,.) in May 2021.
  • Contract# 69056721P000015 for $10,287.80 to supply Asphalt Content/Binder Ignition Furnace (MFR: Thermolyne Thermo Fisher Scientific) in March 2021.

Department of Health and Human Services

  • Contract# 75F40121P00398 for $199,960.45 to supply Multimodal Plate Reader (MFG: Perkinelmer Health Sciences Inc.) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 75F40122P00287 for $182,698.41 to supply Online Flow IR (MFG: Mettler Toledo) in July 2022.
  • Contract# 75D30122P14492 for $86,238.79 to supply Guard and Analytical Columns (MFG: Advanced Materials Technology) in August 2022.
  • Contract# 75D30121P12034 for $81,528.65 to supply Biological Safety Decontamination Equipment (MFG: Tomi Environment Solutions) in September 2021.
  • Contract# 75N91021P00924 for $67,969.71 to supply Freezers and Racks (MFG: Labrepco LLC.) in September 2021.
Dept of Health and Human Services
Dept of Treasury

Department of Treasury

  • Contract# 2031ZA21P00711 for $1,347.32 to supply Service combination unit parts (MFR: Festo) in July 2021.
  • Contract# 2031ZA24P00100 for $10,870.20 to supply Abrasives (MFR: Superior Abrasives) in December 2023

Department of Social Security Administration

  • 19421001: Contract# 28321321P00050202 for $33,325.46 to supply Single Reach Forklift (MFR: Raymond Corporation) in September 2021.
Dept of Social Security Admin
Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Contract# 68HE0421P0009 for $14,596.94 to supply Advanced Thermal Camera (MFR: FLIR) in March 2021.
  • Contract# 68HE0B22P0209 for $13,153.46 to supply 3-D Printer (MFR: Creatbot Technologies) in January 2022.

General Services Administration

  • 19122001: Contract# 47QSWA23D0014 for $237,510.32 to supply UTV (MFR: Bobcat) in November 2022.
  • 19322001: Contract# FACP202200008 for $13,680.00 to supply Pistol Locker (MFR: Precision Locker Company) in August 2022.
General Services Administration